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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Who Ya Gonna Call?

We're stuck at home with a sick boy and I'm (mostly) caught up on work for a couple days. Which means I have time to blog for the first time in forever! Since all I ever post are milestones/birthdays and Halloween pictures, here's our little ghostbuster and stay puft marshmallow (girl). Can you tell big brother picked out costumes again this year? Not sure if she'll let him choose hers next time around! They did get tons of compliments this year though so he did a great job again!

Happy Halloween!

Full disclosure: I've never seen Ghostbusters. I didn't know if it was even appropriate for a 4yo and his baby sister but he insists the cartoon is okay for kids and not scary. Since I hadn't seen the movie I wasn't sure where to take pictures. We don't have a lot of NYC scenes in this small town but I did remember the summer I lived in New York that everyone would say, "You know the library! Where they filmed Ghostbusters?!" I really didn't know the library but I figured it out quick so we decided the NYC Library would be a great spot for pictures. (Or Beardshear Hall.... close enough.) ;)

Also- every year we get lots of questions on where we found the costumes. These are both off of Amazon! (Of course!)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

arley | 18 months

I kind of forget this little corner of the web was here. Sorry, blog! Here's an 18 month Arley update to make up for it. ;) (Full disclaimer, I'm copying/pasting from IG...)

At 18 months she is talking SO much! She puts together full sentences (I.e. "I want a cheese stick.") and commands ("Dakota! Sit down!"). Just this weekend she switched from the full open mouth slobbery kiss to the kissy lip smooches (with sound effects) and she's been practicing her new kiss technique on everyone she sees. She doesn't know very many strangers (but hates crowds and is nervous around loud people) and she is fast to snuggle up to mom's friends and convinces them to cuddle/snuggle/feed/play with her. She has the biggest belly laugh and the smoochiest cheeks when she smiles. She is currently obsessed with dolls and wants them swaddled in blankies as she packs them around. Other favorites are: Dakota hugs, being outside, sandbox, plasma car, stealing brother's toys, and picking things up and putting them away. She loves to 'help' but we constantly have to check the garbage to make sure she hasn't made any unwanted deposits. In the last month she's started some on the floor tantrums but so far they don't last long. Her favorite foods are noodles, watermelon(!), shrimp, frozen gogurts, and she had more than her fair share of Popsicles this summer. She wears size 4 diapers (5 at night) and 18-24 month clothes (a lot of 2T too). She is obsessed with clothes and SHOES. She loves dressing up and changes her shoes several times a day. (Thank you to our friends for amazing hand me downs!! We'd be in trouble without them!) She has started mentioning baby and pointing to mama's belly and kisses and talks to baby too. I know she'll make an awesome big sister. She is the sweetest girl I've ever known but she does have quite the sass. Love this sweetie girl and her big personality so very much!! (Stats coming after checkup.) #arleysbabybook#18months

Friday, June 10, 2016

It's a...

In case you missed it on the captured by heidi blog... we have some exciting news in the Hicks house! We're adding one more sweet girl to the crew this coming basketball season!

Beckett is BEYOND excited about it and Arley is just happy because Beckett is. He has taught her her how to say baby and she says it all day every day. B keeps saying how much he LOVES babies and that obviously his sissy does too! He was really hoping for a brother but said he loves having another baby sister too and he knows the next baby will be a brother (we haven't broke the bad news on the probably no more siblings to him yet...).

Anyway, that's the exciting news (and more pics of my cute, excited kiddos on the cbh blog!)!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Beckett's Fourth Birthday

B and I were looking at chapbooks of birthdays past tonight and he started talking about his circus party.... I realized I hadn't posted anything from it anywhere... And really couldnt even remember what we did for his party!

So this is slightly overdue....

A Fourth Birthday CIRCUS Party!

Prep: B loved the circus with grandma and Hattie and knew exactly what to have at a circus party after going. He planned the menu (hot dogs, sno cones, popcorn) and decorated the cake (mostly by himself with a lot of direction...). :) The prints are engineer prints from Staples (one of my fave/cheapest ways to make a big pop).

The weather was awesome and the kids got to play outside (huge thanks to Little Tikes and Oakland Avenue for the awesome jump house!). I'm not sure we got a single family picture (I need to dig a little further) and we missed the cousin pic this year.

Afterwards we loaded up and headed to the Water Park of America (and the Mall of America)- per B's birthday wish. It was a jam packed, super fun weekend. Our little guy got to do some of his favorite things- party, snuggle grandma, stay at a hotel, and go to a water park. The perfect weekend!

I still can't believe he's FOUR! (Another reason this post may have taken me so long...)

But four looks good on you, buddy!

Monday, December 7, 2015

mental health week?

This week, I keep seeing posts about mental health week (I could totally use one of those!) and have even clicked on a couple posts to skim through...

I've seen posts for depression, anxiety, bipolar, the list goes on…

but nothing on postpartum depression.

To be fair, I don't really know much about PPD, and while I guess I'm not even sure it belongs in the category of mental illnesses, I've been surprised to see it missing from the mental health week posts.

It seems like a taboo topic and until recently, it always made me think of Susan Smith, but today, I'll let you in on how that's changed for me.

After my first awesomely perfect baby was born, life was good. Sure, I had a moment of 'I might throw this screaming baby out the window' but it was fleeting and I really was living in bliss; sweet sleep deprived bliss. Adjusting to a new normal and figuring out my new self was hard but mostly I was so thankful for my new role and life was so, so good.

After my second baby, for obvious reasons, I was down. I had the blues but didn't identify them as postpartum blues. I didn't make the connection that you could have postpartum issues when you didn't have a baby to care for. After losing a baby at 16 weeks, it didn't dawn on me that postpartum care should have been part of my self care and it wasn't until I landed in the ER that I realized it was needed (physically and mentally).

Not long after rebounding from that, we were ecstatic to be expecting sweet baby Arley. We knew right away she was a girl and the hormones were there to prove it. By this point, I wasn't really sure what 'normal' hormones were anymore and mine were all over the place.

When our sweet girl arrived, of course we were thrilled (truly, I can't imagine a moment more perfect than the first time I saw her face), but those hormones raged on.

I've been told, and from my own experience agree, girl hormones are so much harder than boy baby hormones. I've been told pregnancies soon following another are also high/hard on the hormones. So I had a lot going against me. I knew this in my mind but I'm not sure my heart and mind were working together in the months following her birth.

It wasn't until very recently that I was able to tell my husband I felt like the fog had lifted. If you've had PPD, you know that the new baby fog and 'THE fog' are so different. I'm not sure how to explain it, but let me say this- it was hard.

It was so hard. Hard and lonely.

Let me start with some symptoms. You'll find a whole list of symptoms here, but mine didn't start out as the most obvious ones. In fact, when I mentioned at my 6 week post baby check I thought I might have some PPD, they all but ignored me. Mainly, for me, it started out as not being able to sleep. I didn't feel anxious or worried, I just wasn't sleeping. Ever. Arley was sleeping five, six, then seven hour stretches and I would still get maybe 1-2 hours. Later, I felt overwhelmed. It made sense- I started back to work when she was just a couple weeks old and it was hard. I was working full-time and taking care of two babies full-time with no daycare for our newborn and very little daycare for our 3yo. It was overwhelming but for obvious reasons. That lead to anger/irritability.  Time was not something I felt like I had a lot of and my husband couldn't help out fast enough and my 3yo couldn't listen well enough. My expectations were unrealistically high and when they didn't get met, I was unreasonable in my response. (Maybe a post for another day but we won't even mention my new fondness for the 'f word' during this stage. I really didn't recognize myself at this point.) From there I spiraled into the other symptoms and really felt alone in my sorrow. It took a few months for the cycle to work it's way through so I think that was another reason I didn't recognize it as PPD at first.

Once I (finally) recognized it, I would casually mention it in conversation. (I should maybe back up here and mention I was rarely seeing people during this time. My new normal was crazy and with a crazy schedule and a mean disposition, my social life wasn't exactly 'hopping.')  So when I would casually mention it I would get one of two responses.

1.) "Ohmygosh, me too. I totally get it. I….. yada yada yada…. fill in the blank with typical baby blues responses." …...They didn't really get it. They got baby blues. They got the new mom thing. But they didn't get the PPD. They didn't understand the depths of it and by brushing it off made me feel unheard.


2.) ……. awkward silence…. weird stares….. bumpy transition into any topic more pleasant, say... diaper blowouts or hemorrhoids.

The second group of people I assumed were about to call the cops on me and warn them of a possible Susan Smith situation.

Conversation about hemorrhoids it is.

So. All that to say. I don't really have any insight for you. I wish I could tell you I got help and was able to come out of it. I wish I could tell you how to do that for yourself. But I can't. I wasn't brave enough to ask. (Well after the awkward stare from the medical professional at my 6 week check, I wasn't brave enough to ask…) I waited. For 7ish long months, I waited. Eventually my hormones leveled out and the fog lifted. And I have been able to speak candidly about it with sweet mamas since. I've since found two soul sisters that know exactly what I'm talking about and with their sweet encouragement, I'm going to beg of you this….

If you have a mama friend reaching out for help- be there. Listen to them. Ask them how they are doing. Check in with them. If you have a mama friend with a new baby and she's not reaching out for help, do all that same stuff. She may need you. And she may not even know it.

And if you are the mama friend needing help- ask for it. Tell someone. Tell your husband. Tell your friend. Tell your doctor. Tell a counselor. If they ignore you, tell someone else. Don't ignore your gut feelings and wait it out. Don't regret missing sweet moments of your baby's first months. Get what you need and get on with your beautiful life.

Because you can do it. And your sweet baby needs you to.

Friday, October 16, 2015

mario and princess peach

B picked out this year's costumes. He is SO excited to have sis 'match' him and can't wait to teach her how to beg for candy. :)

Saturday, October 10, 2015

i didn't want to be brave.

"I was really brave, mommy. I didn't want to be brave but I was!" -B

Before I tell this story let me preface it by saying yes, we vaccinate our kiddos. I have read and researched and prayed and even cried over it and this is the decision we have landed on. I respect your choice for your kids and believe we're all doing the best we can by our babies.

Now that that's out of the way…

Sis had six month shots scheduled for today. We were at a friend's house this morning and they were talking flu shots which made me realize B might have to get a shot today today. I talked to him about it and said it might happen. He informed me he hates shots. A lot.

When we arrived the nurse checked and sure enough, he was going to get a shot today. He informed her he hates shots. A lot.

Nurse: I have a surprise for you.
B: I don't even want your sucker.
Nurse: I can give you a sticker too. Do you want it in your arm or your leg?
B: I want it NOWHERE!!! (As he runs to hide behind the table and starts rocking in the fetal position.)

At this point I was sure it was going to end badly. I was hating myself for not scheduling it when Rusty could come and I was wondering if there was room behind the table for me to also curl up in the fetal position.

Meanwhile sis is happily waiting her turn. (She had no idea what was coming.)

Somehow I managed to beg God Almighty to please not let this end badly say a quick prayer and while I was trying not to freak out myself, B slowly got up and looked at the sticker before climbing to his spot. He nervously told the nurse she could do the shot in his leg.

Truly I have no idea how that just happened.

But he did it and she gave him a shot. He cried out for about 5 seconds then looked at me and said, "I'm glad I did it mommy. I want to do that again sometime!"


(Shortly after, sis had her shots and screamed bloody murder right after giving me the 'how could you do this to me' look. #breakmyheart She did manage to calm down much faster this time than in times past so we're calling it a win.)

Being so thankful we survived mostly unscathed, I scooped up my baby and B grabbed my hand and walked out proudly carrying his hard earned sticker. When we got to the car he says, "I was really brave, mommy. I didn't want to be brave but I was!" 


Most days my babies teach me more about life than I do them. Today was one of those days.

I don't want to be brave. I don't want to do the hard thing. I don't want to deal with the mess.

I. don't. want. to.


[to be continued.]

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

home again home again

We're back! (Did you even notice we were gone?) ;)

After ten days of life on the road, we made it home and can say the kids were (mostly) awesome little travelers. Arley is up to 5/50 states now (8 if you count last summer's trips). (B didn't add any new states this time around so he's still at 12/50.)

I did a horrible job of taking pictures. Mostly because our adventures weren't really conducive to packing around a big camera (plus a baby while chasing a three year old).

We attempted a group shot (but even failed at that as not everyone was ever ready for a shot at the same time). So here's most of the crew. (My sister got that sweet cabin. We're trying to talk mom into buying a similar one on a lake somewhere… You can rent this one here: vrbo)

The quick overview of the trip:
Leon. We had to head down early for a funeral so we stayed in town for the Fourth of July where B took in his first Leon Rodeo. We also watched the parade and then later headed to great-grandma's for the fireworks (her driveway may be the best seat in town for them). B loved the sparklers but may have been a little too excited about setting them on fire…
Table Rock lake. It rained most of the time we were there but the one day it was (mostly) nice my mom rented a boat and it was maybe the highlight of the trip for us. B chose not to tube and was worried about my safety when I was. ;) After witnessing his cousin take a turn (and finding her way underwater), it might be awhile before he hops on one. Related to the rain- the kids didn't get a chance to do s'mores in the fire pit so we found a campfire on youtube and they sat around the iPad campfire while eating microwave s'mores and telling stories with the flashlight. It's definitely an activity worth adding to your summer bucket list. :)
Branson. See above on the rain. We attempted some fun stuff but had a hard time finding things for B in the rain. (We had planned on bumper boats, mini golf and go karts so those all got crossed off the list pretty quick.) We did take a nice little walk down the boardwalk by the landing which was great until we walked straight into a cold front and couldn't see through the fog. We also did the fish hatchery (in the rain). And our best meal in town was Steak N Shake. Ripley's was a bust but B loved riding the Ducks (and even got to drive once the duck hit the water).
Arkansas. We literally drove across the state line to sit on the square of Blue Eye and feed the kids just so we could cross Arkansas off Arley's list. (Hey, it's one of 50 and at least now she won't have to go back and my brother in law pointed out she's too young to remember so double bonus. No offense to anyone from Arkansas...) ;) It felt a lot like being in Lineville. I'm sure there are nicer places in Arkansas to visit. Maybe someday…
Tulsa. We took a little detour on the way home to visit the Oklahoma cousins. It was a last minute, unplanned leg of the trip but was a fun one! We met up with them at the children's museum where B went down the packing tape slide no less than 1,452,872 times (or so). We had the best meal of the week with Hideaway Pizza and B had the highlight of his week at the Kiddie Park (a mini amusement park of sorts). The weather was iffy so we basically had the park to ourselves and it was a blast. The kids ran from ride to ride and B LOVED it. He talks about this more than anything else from vacation (even Legoland). I did manage to take the camera along this night.
Kansas City. Our plan was to head into town for Legoland and then spend the night and do some watermark time or shopping the next day. B loved Legoland but was ready to go to grandma's by the end so we passed on the $400/night water park room and drove to grandma's for the night before heading home.

Both kids had a pretty good week... though B really wanted to stay at a hotel with an elevator. :)

(A few kiddie park pics… Like I said.. B LOVED it. He was literally the last kid off the last ride of the night. These kiddos shut the place down! One of his favorite rides was the tiny cars and he always picked the cop car. When we had to leave the next day his cousin gave him The Sheriff (from Cars) for him to take home. He didn't let go of it the whole way to KC and really wanted to take it inside with him but we talked him out of it. His favorite (okay and only) souvenir from the trip.)


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