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Friday, March 20, 2015

friday night surprise!

No.. not the surprise we were waiting on… but a huge, awesome, amazing surprise nonetheless.

And I literally had NO idea.

I'm still in shock.

So my friend Ashley and I had casually made plans to hang out tonight (in case we were still on baby watch. which we are.) because she knew I'd be going a little stir crazy right about this time.

So when I got home from errands today I changed into sweatpants and had no plans of changing out of them- I knew she would show up in sweats too, it was all good. Until she showed up looking all cute and definitely not in sweats. She said something along the lines of 'hey lets go!' To which I responded with something like 'is it somewhere I need to wear pants to?'

I'm so glad I put pants on.

So she picks me up and whisks me away to another friend's house where we find a house full of amazing ladies with amazing food, thoughtful cards and amazing gifts.

Did I mention I'm still in shock?

I only had tears three times. Okay four. And didn't even really cry until I got home. But when it came it was a big cry. We'll pretend it was a Nicholas Sparks movie cry and not an ugly one.

You guys. I'm so blessed.

I don't know how or why God has blessed me with such a supportive and amazing group of women to call 'my people.' I'm just so thankful He has.

Some the amazing ladies in my life….

Some of the amazing cookies my talented friend Mary made for the occasion (you can find her here at Sugar & Butter on fb!)….

And one of the sweetest gifts in the history of ever… A handwritten book by T….


Like I said. So blessed.

Baby girl, you are so loved by so many. And lots of us are ready to meet you anytime now. ;)

our family of three

I put together this little video of B waiting to be a big brother. He said, "hey! That song is about us!" Yes, sweet buddy, it is. :)

You'll always be the one that made me a mama.


Before I start this post… let me just say that I am SO thankful to be carrying this baby girl. I love feeling her wiggle and kick and stretch (especially when she's doing her best to get as close to her brother as she can… melt my heart!). Since week 35, I've actually been feeling pretty good but even before that I was (and am) fully aware of what a blessing this pregnancy is.

That said...

We're a little tired of waiting. ;)

Her official due date is Wednesday but I had in my mind she would come when B did (14 hours ago). So this is officially the longest I've ever been pregnant. Add on top of that other pregnancies and post miscarriage pregnancy hormones taking for. ev. er. to leave my body- since September 2013 there's only been two full months in there where I haven't had pregnancy hormones in my body. Did you catch that? That's a whole lotta months of being a hormonal hot mess.

So yeah. I love being baby A's mommy and I love being the one to carry her. But this mama is a little tired. Slightly easy to annoy. And getting a little uncomfortable.

So project 'distract me from thinking about my water breaking at any second' is in full force.

I've snapped pics of B I've been wanting to get before he's no longer my only baby (but he'll always be my first). And put together this video using some of them… because seriously cute.

I've set up some studio set ups for baby girl. Because cuteness.

I've worked on uploading some future posts for work and here.

I've tried (though maybe not as hard as I should be) to get caught up on email and everything work related. (To be honest, part of me is keeping a little work to do for when I need to 'lock' myself in the basement with a do not disturb sign cause mama's working.) ;)

I finished some little projects I'd been wanting to get done.

I've tried to get as much time in with my boys (as a family of three) while I have the chance.

I've walked and walked. and walked.

And (because several have asked where we're registered and the answer is nowhere…), I moved some stuff from our big giant amazon wish list over to a baby girl list so if anyone asks again I'll be prepared next time. (In case you asked me before and I didn't have anything for you- here's the list. But seriously, do not feel like you have to visit it! : Baby Girl List ) It has odds and ends and a few things I'd never buy myself but would super love (like this stroller) and a couple fun things that are too stinkin' cute… like these adorable milestone cards. Not found on amazon but kind of hilarious anyway… the mess-ups + milestone cards (found here)… which include cards I would hope to never have to use like this one…


So I've been trying to stay busy.

But I haven't cleaned. (Maybe that's what she's waiting on?!)

So that's what we've been up to. How is your spring break going? :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Summer '14 Road Trip (part 2)

After leaving the city (see part 1 for more on that)… we headed towards the beach! There's something about the sand and the water that speaks to my soul. I can't get enough. And yet I live smack dab in the middle of the US. Go figure. That said, the lake isn't too far of a drive and if you don't think too much about it, it totally feels like you're at the ocean. I'll for sure be back.

We stopped at Indiana Dunes before making our way up to Michigan. We stopped along several little Michigan spots and parks and stayed at the Grand Marina in New Buffalo. The loft was awesome and I kinda wanted to live there. It was definitely bigger than any apartment we've ever lived in.

Anyway…. the beach pics kinda speak for themselves. Sorry for the overload of pics here. ;)

Summer '14 Road Trip (part 1)

This post may be a bit overdue…. Our summer road trip… Part 1: Chicago….

R is a city boy. Sure he grew up in smallish town Iowa but he feeds off the city's energy. Chicago is his jam. He's been several times but this was our first family trip there. I loved watching him show B the city. And as much as B is like me, he LOVED the city like his daddy.

Some Chicago highlights:

-Navy Pier (probably my favorite Chicago spot). The people watching is top notch here. And there's all kinds of little parks nearby for the (then) two year old to explore. We rode the ferris wheel (even though it says not to if pregnant, sorry A!). It was way too high up there for my liking. :| B's favorite part was maybe the fire station we visited on the way back… they let him get in and 'drive' the truck and learn all about how very different a Chicago fire fighter's life is than an Iowa fire fighter's (and how very different it is from what we see on tv). ;)

-Shedd Aquarium. B asked about a million times last year if he could go to a shark aquarium. So Shedd had to be on the list. He was a little tired/cranky that day and didn't seem to be a huge fan of most of it but he STILL talks about it so it must have been a hit anyway. I'll never forget the bird that attacked us at lunch (it literally landed on B's head and started pecking away- in a mom of the year moment, I froze! Sorry, B!). :( Or the 4D show we tried to watch… He freaked when the animals 'spit' water on us. He literally ran out of the theater with me right behind him. He ripped off the 3D shades and started telling the patrons waiting, "Don't go in there! It's scary! It's a bad trick!!!" I wasn't sure if it was an appropriate time to laugh or not but we definitely do now.. (Again, sorry B!) ;)

-City Walking. Giordianos Pizza. The Bean. All the big highlights crossed off the list. It was a lot of walking for this tired mama but was glad to see some of the must see sights on the list. B was a huge fan of all the fountains in the city.

-Cubs game. This was for R's birthday. He loves Wrigley. It was my first trip and I'm glad I got to go. Unfortunately B didn't last too long and he, mom and I ended up taking a cab ride back to the hotel a little early. R and Max stayed forever (about a million overtimes… uhhh… extra innings? later I think Chicago ended up winning).

-United Center. Because R and B HAD to see Michael Jordan while we were in town.

As we bid farewell to the city, we asked B what his favorite part of this leg of our trip was. His answer: "The race car ride!" I was confused and asked him what he meant. "You know, the race car ride back to the hotel." Apparently the Chicago taxi cabs made quite the impression on him. Also, it did feel like a race car ride. :)

Dear Chicago, You're fun. And even though I much prefer a beach (more on that soon) to you, I'm sure we'll be back someday if R has anything to say about it. :) XOXO, H

Monday, March 9, 2015

updates (aka the post about how we nearly met our deductible in a week)

So the last 7 days have been a bit crazy here.

We started last week with an EEG for B Diddy. It's possible he is having absent seizures and the goal of the EEG was to rule out that they were from anything serious (brain tumor/brain damage). (We were able to rule those out- hallelujah! We weren't able to pinpoint the type of absent seizure it may be so he goes back for a 24 hour test in June- not so yay but something we can deal with.)

Anyway, overall there isn't much awesome about keeping your 'needs sleep like his mama' boy up most of the night then spending most of the day at the hospital but there were some sweet moments throughout the day I don't want to forget…..

While the nurse was taping the sensors to his head, he was wincing his face in pain and trying hard to be brave. I said, "You're doing great buddy. She just has to put these stickers on your head before they can start." Through a pain filled face he said, "Oh thank you. I like stickers." (Tears.)

Later, after the bandage was on, it was really hurting his head. He apparently didn't want to cause a fuss because he wouldn't tell the nurse but once she walked away he buried his head in my shoulder and whispered "It hurts mommy. It really hurts." as he and I both tried not to cry (I totally did though). 

He was super brave and rocked his test. That said, the thought of doing a 24 hour one with a newborn scares me a little. Prayers definitely appreciated.

Mid-week I had my regular OB check up. I had fallen off the growth curve so we got a surprise ultrasound peek at Miss A. She's measuring small but doing good. She looks to be at the top of the charts for height (no surprise there) so that thankfully helped her weight. Measurement wise though she's a peanut and hopefully she's grown this week so we don't have to worry about inducing or anything. (Grow baby, grow!)

And to finish the week with a bang… I came down with a nasty stomach bug. In an effort to avoid tmi let's just say I used stomach muscles in all directions in ways I haven't in a long time. The stomach bug cranked up the contractions and it was pain. ful. I was not brave at all and told R I was gonna need an epidural right now. I really didn't care if she was two weeks away. I just wanted an epidural. Finally we decided we should call the OB and we ended up with a room with a view at the hospital. The big things were they needed to stop the contractions (no need to kick start labor as long as baby is still growing- with her size we want to give her as much time to grow as we can) and I needed to be hydrated. After bags of fluids and some drugs, I eventually was well enough to go home. Exhausted but doing SO much better. Filled with fear about what labor might be like though (cause that was not easy) and ditching any plans I had of skipping the epidural this time. ;) 

Just for fun… baby girls heartbeat…


SO our week was eventful. Hopefully this week will be a little less crazy and filled with a little more 'getting things done before baby comes.' Cause I'd love to have that to do list complete soon. :)

Happy Monday. Hoping your week is less crazy than ours seem to be lately. :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

shower, swimming, shamrock shakes and other sunday stuff

Full day… here are the highlights…

Church. We just finished up the Genesis series. It was such a good one. Go back and watch all the videos (start with today's).

Baby Shower. My lovely in-laws had an amazing little shower for baby girl today. We felt so loved. I have been really feeling overwhelmed with all we have to do and get before baby. And when I'm being really honest, I've been kinda sad that baby girl is getting the shaft compared to B (of course he was completely beyond spoiled by everyone and I know this). So I (the person that usually hates showers) was beyond excited about today. It was just so awesome that the women in R's family made the time and missed out on their own stuff today to get together and celebrate our baby girl. My SIL even missed her little guy's very last wrestling (thing?). I seriously just wanted to cry. (Full disclosure- I did when I was putting the cute little baby girl things away.) They took the time to love on our little girl. They spoiled her with some adorable baby girl things, some much needed (huge) things off the list, and some gift cards to some of my very favorite places to shop (they know me too well- Amazon and Baby Gap clearance here I come). :) I sat down to make a Target registry (so I can get the registry discount, of course) and it wasn't nearly as overwhelming as it was a few days ago. There's still a lot of random stuff not on there (witch hazel pads… tmi?), but it seems a lot more doable just knowing we have people in our corner. I seriously can't say thank you enough. Seriously. Thanks.  (And I love the below pic because 1. Cutest little girl outfit ever. I want it in my size. 2. The box of scratch cupcakes. 3. B's face. He totally knows his world is about to be invaded with all things little girl. He was super excited to help open gifts until he realized it was all girly things for sister.) :) 

Nap. Because, duh. (We did miss connection group but I'm quite certain I wouldn't have made it through the day without the nap. Sorry, groupies.)

Swimming Lessons. Ohmygoodness. Have I mentioned these here yet? B is a little fish! He hops in the pool for lessons and doesn't stop smiling the entire time. He's even happy to get out cause he loves the pool showers and happy to leave cause he has daddy trained to get him 'uncle donald's' afterwards. (McDonalds.) It has for sure been the highlights of our weeks lately and I was kinda sad this was his last night of them. We're even thinking about doing the summer ones for the next level. 

Shamrock Shakes. They're back! I don't even know if I actually like these or if I just like all they stand for… the end of basketball is in sight. Spring break is around the corner. Warmer weather is coming our way. And this year….. it's almost time to meet baby girl! I get excited every year to see the shamrock shake ads and always have to have at least one. B and I split one tonight and he started singing 'shake it off.' Because why wouldn't you. It made the shamrock shake even better for me. 

Sleep. I'm off to bed and praying B decides Monday is a good day to sleep in. :)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

baby girl bump pics

In case you missed it- I talked R into taking some baby bump pics. You can find more over on cbh. (And you guys- I didn't even photoshop out the bags under my eyes or the wrinkles. I feel like that's definitely note worthy. Full disclaimer, there was lots of makeup involved.) ;)

I feel like the bump is huge these days. Then I saw the above pic and realized it's bigger than I thought it was. Holy Moly. Also, if you look closely you can tell how much she was moving during the session. (And pretty much all the time.) There are literally pictures where you can see how she is laying and how my shirt is pulled into wrinkles from my belly stretching across to the other side. SO weird. (Related- she really does move like that pretty much all the time. The only thing I've found so far to calm her down is a bath. Pray for us.) ;)

This Wednesday will mark 34 weeks. Six weeks from yesterday is how far I made it with B. Six weeks from today is my locked in date on the baby pool. Six weeks from Wednesday is my due date. Six weeks from two weeks from now is likely when she'll decide to make her appearance. ;) Either way, we are getting closer and still haven't pulled out the baby gear yet. Anyone feel like washing and putting back together the carseat for her? ;) (Seriously though, why are those so annoying?)

And if you're interested in following my 'mini blog' these days, you can follow along on instagram. I feel bad it's turned into a mini blog these days but to actually sit at the computer and blog? Who has time for that?! ;)

Monday, February 2, 2015

officially nesting

The nesting bug has officially hit our house. More specifically, the 'what the heck is she thinking nesting bug.'

R came home from work (basketball, actually) about a week ago and cautiously asked… 'why is everything off the walls upstairs?' Judging by the look on his face, he already knew.

Our main living area (kitchen, living room, dining room, breakfast nook, hallways) all open up to each other in one big area. It's the only area of our home that hasn't been painted (or really even touched much at all) since we've moved in. That's over six years of brown walls everywhere you look. That's a lot. (Have I mentioned our bedroom and master bath have each been about 5 or more colors since we've moved in? I'm not one to commit to colors very long. Six+ years is a LONG time.) When I was pregnant with B I had the major itch to paint upstairs but R talked me out of it. Once B came along, we knew it was too big of a project to take on with a baby. Then he started walking. Then we sort of forgot about it.


I knew when the itch hit again I just needed to dive in get started. I knew if I thought about it logically too long it would never happen. Thus taking everything off the walls approximately two minutes after I decided it was happening. :) (I'm not saying it was a good idea. I'm just saying that's how it happened. I don't recommend that method.)

We've had paint chips for possible replacement colors in the house for over a year now (and I've been mulling them over off and on that entire time). So I had an idea of a color but couldn't commit to one. I eventually did eenie meenie and prayed a little bit and ended up with Modern Gray (Sherwin Williams color but I had it mixed with the Valspar paint + primer at Lowes). It's a super light gray with no blues in it (which is typically my issue with grays).  I asked the paint lady at Lowes for the formula to make sure there were no blues. The formula looked safe so I went with it. She suggested starting with a sample before buying the 5 gallon non-refundable bucket. I went with the bucket. :|

I'll spare you the details on the painting drama. (Long story short we have some touch up work and ceiling work to do…) But it's (basically) DONE! (yay!)

I only cried about it for two days after it went on the walls.

I was in a slight design identity crisis.

I started grabbing random things from around the house and trying them in different spots upstairs. And even started liking a few of them.

Eventually I landed on a new design identity- I'm calling it 'industrial charm meets mid-century modern.'

And things started taking off from there.

We still have a ways to go so I don't have many details to share yet but here are two quick pics from Instagram….

(Sharpie wall tutorial on Vintage Revivals. It is well with my soul canvas was made with the community silhouette and is most definitely grey on gold and not black. For obvious reasons. And I can't wait to show you what's going on the back wall where the painter's tape is. I think it's my favorite thing I've ever made!)

Hopefully I'll have more of the million shades of grey makeover to share soon…

We'll see. :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

family pictures

Some of the Oklahoma crew visited last weekend for a belated Christmas. I managed to talk Amy into some family belly pics because I thought it was going to be 50 out. As it turned out, the wind picked up and brought a cold front with it and it felt about 0 instead. My idea of pics in a field blew by with the cold front and we settled for some super quick pics in an alley instead (for the record- it was still windy and cold even with the extra walls). Big thanks to Amy for braving the cold with us for what could possibly be our last official family of three pics (really?!).

(Also, I'm hoping there's at least one more warmish day before baby's debut so I can wear the outfit I had originally planned on for some quick pics of the bump in the field. I think I've convinced R to play photographer so stay tuned for that.) ;)


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